A Joint Approach

Working with Parents


It can often feel like you are being passed from pillar to post or completely forgotten about with a lack of communication about what is happening. It is a difficult time
emotionally and can be hard to keep up with the process. The reality is that everyone’s situation is different and no two cases are the same. Whilst everyone is doing their best for the child it is easy for this to seem like chaos.  We have a high staff to learner ratio and work closely with everyone we can in the learners’ support
network, including parents and carers who are regularly invited into school to engage with what the learners are doing. We also run regular coffee mornings to promote parent to parent support.

At the Outdoors School we are aware of the stress and pressure parents and carers can be under when trying to navigate the maze that you are presented with if your child has been permanently excluded or at risk of being permanently excluded. We recognise that learners are often coming from school systems that have not suited them and there is naturally some concern about them returning to a similar setting and creating a cycle of failure.

Perspective Parents

If your child does not yet attend the school but you require support or information please contact admin@theoutdoorsschool.co.uk 

Current Learner Parents

If you child already attends The Outdoors School and would like support please contact our Parent and Family Support Advisor;


Victoria Durant
Parent & Family Support Advisor
01392 832632