A Typical Day

10:00 Our learners arrive at the site and check in informally with each other and staff.
10:30 The day starts by gathering around the firepit in our set groups. We touch base with each of our learners, exploring how they are feeling physically, mentally and how their energy levels are. Each learner scores how they’re feeling in that moment and we discuss our scores from the previous day.
10:45 Core session 1 – Project based learning is the primary vehicle for learning and this changes on a regular basis. We practice a holistic approach to projects, drawing in lots of different subjects by relating them to the same topic. (e.g., a project on trains could include elements of science, maths, history, literature, geography…etc)
11:45 We take a break from our first core session with pastoral tutor led play and structured games. This gives learners a chance to burn off any excess energy and give their minds some time to process all they’ve just learnt.
12:00 Core session 2
13:00 It’s time for lunch! Once everyone has eaten and worked together to clear up, a structured activity will be offered by the pastoral tutor. This could be a team game, table games or reading as a group.
13:45 After lunch it’s time for a Tool Based Learning session. Our pastoral tutors run tailored mentoring sessions with each learner twice a day and some of this session is used for this.
14:45 The day starts to wind down with our activity time. Learners are in different clubs depending on their individual needs e.g., Lego therapy, play therapy. This changes on a half termly basis.
15:30 We work as a team, staff and learners alike to tidy the site ready for the end of the day. Learners collect their belongings and sit with their group for some quiet games and reflection on the day.
15:45 We finish the day with an assembly which involves a check in on how everyone is feeling, some quiet play and reading. Everyone is encouraged to reflect on their day. This might involve scoring how they’re feeling and comparing it to their morning score.
16:00 It’s time to go home, relax with their family and get a good night’s sleep!