Our Aims

Developing free-thinking students

The Outdoors School aims to develop free-thinking students and believes in developing the whole learner, not just their academic ability.

We work on a learner led, forest school, experiential and project based social emotional curriculum, where life skills, coping strategies for behaviour and social situations are at the heart of learning.

Projects are designed to integrate curriculum elements with existing learner skill sets to ensure all learners can access curriculum elements, without distinct subjects being taught and without reintroducing cycles of failure from prior learning experiences. Above all, a growth mindset and personal responsibility are at the heart of our focus to promote engagement and lifelong learning skills.

Based entirely outdoors, we are committed to facilitating education beyond the classroom. We believe in taking an integrated, holistic approach that incorporates real-life experiences, project-based learning, and the wellbeing of our young people to help them take charge of their own learning journeys and become life-long learners that go on to be well rounded, successful, happy adults.

"The teachers are amazing..."

“I fought very hard to get Jack a place here and by god what an inspiration it has been! This school has changed Jack in so many ways, not a day goes by when I struggle to get him to school. He is very keen to go and loves the outdoor way of schooling. The teachers are amazing and really support the children with their everyday needs. This is the most amazing school around.”

The Outdoors School