Welcome to the Parents’ Portal where you will find updates and information for parents and carers, as well as space to ask questions about what is happening within our school. 

About the School Stakeholder Committee (SSC)

The SSC is an advisory committee to the Board of Directors, making it similar to a governing body. It was formed in the Spring term 2023. Comprised of the school’s Directors, as well as representatives from the SLT, staff body, parent body and local community, the SSC supports the running of the school, but does not hold any statutory responsibility.  

The role of the SSC is to help and support the Board and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) by checking that the school’s ethos and values are successfully embedded in day-to-day learning. Our aim is to ensure that our learners are well cared for and developing holistically, and that staff are being well-supported operationally, professionally and personally. The SSC also has a key function in representing parents, and supporting the school to work effectively to meet the needs of families.

By providing a collaborative space and an opportunity for different voices to be heard, the SSC allows knowledge, experience and ideas to be pooled from across the school community – ensuring our wonderful setting will continue to thrive for many years to come.

About the Parent Portal

Everyone visiting our Parent Portal has something in common; we all have a child attending The Outdoors School.  For many, it is the last chance our child has for a fitting education in an environment that is understanding and that puts the welfare of learners first.

We hope all parents share our passion for the school’s continual growth and development, and we invite everyone to contribute to the Portal. We particularly welcome supportive and constructive comments, suggestions and ideas about what you would like to see within our school. If you have ideas for how things could improve, the SSC is here to represent your views. 

Joining the SSC

We currently have a vacancy for another parent to join the SSC.  We meet once per term on a Wednesday evening, and attendance can be remote. The meetings are fun, informative and educational giving all members an insight into the inner workings of The Outdoors School and providing an opportunity to make a difference.  

If you would be interested in joining, please email Liz Slade (, or if you would like to speak to an existing parent member, please contact Lynda Cooper ( for an informal chat.